Tegan playing the tambourine during Sentimental Tune




Sara: When I’m in my jumpsuit I can, you know, move more…
Tegan: They’re putting me in a harness, I can’t wait!
Sara: Ho-ho.. not THAT kind of harness… *looks at the camera*
Tegan: So… I’m really sad you said that.

Spinner Interface | Hell




do u know how hard it is to remain a t-teamer when sara quin exists

do you know how hard it is to remain a s-sider when tegan quin exists

ok but do u know how hard it is when tegan and sara exist in general


*goes to a tegan & sara meet and greet*
Tegan you have some unanswered questions I’d like to settle once and for all first it breaks your heart each time you what??? Ok and what won’t you confess?? Don’t think you’ll confess that you what?? And where DOES the good go anyway